Do you want to feel secure in a threatening situation that the odds for survival are in your favor? Do you want to feel physically stronger and more agile? Do you want to feel calm and focused when those around you are losing it? If you're looking for belt tests and tournaments, you're in the wrong place. If you're looking for an approach to self defense that's right for you as an individual, read on.
       In our self defense sessions, you learn through free fighting. Free fighting is as close to a real self defense situation as is possible without severe injury occurring. What works and what doesn't work becomes clear immediately, allowing you to create your own style of self defense quickly and efficiently.
       Because of the speed and inherent danger of this practice, you must first practice some preparatory exercises. You will develop a strong root, or base, so that you will be very difficult to knock down. In addition, being well rooted delivers great amounts of power to your strikes and neutralizing maneuvers. You will develop the ability to knock a large man down, with no wind-up. Even a small person can develop this ability. When an attacker tries to hit or grab, that attack must be neutralized. You will develop the yielding force, a condition of deep relaxation so that your body yields under any strike or grab
       Because attacks by two or more people are very common, you will also learn to defend against multiple attackers. In addition, you will train with the classic self defense weapons such as sword, stick, and knife, among others. Understanding their use allows you to defend against weapon attacks.
        Be secure, strong and focused. Find training available in your area.