by Steve Spano

I currently offer you training in three internal energy arts: the Healing Circle, the Eight Changes and the Five Animals. The Healing Circle is an excellent method of healing and maintaining your health. The Eight Changes and the Five Animals will extend and intensify the effects of your Healing Circle practice. Studied consecutively, they take you through the three phases of internal energy work: loosen, reorganize and empower.
       Continual imbalance of your internal energy leads to disorder, discomfort and disease. Chronic imbalance causes obstructions to form which constrict your energy flow. Loosening means opening the energy gates of your body and dredging your energy pathways so that your energy can flow freely and balance itself. This promotes your innate healing functions and provides you with a good basic foundation for working with vital energy. You will accomplish loosening through the group of exercises called the Healing Circle.
       Once loosened, your reorganization can begin. In this reorganization work you will  rearrange and order your internal energy using an ancient system based on organic principles of nature, the 8 Changes. You will study the energy wave forms which move through your body. The benefit of understanding these wave forms is that you will be able to achieve maximum efficiency in your body movement and energy expenditure. Furthermore, I highly recommend that you reorganize  if you intend on pursuing the empowerment practices of qigong, as failure to do so could result in damage to your body. Your reorganization is achieved through the Eight Changes group of exercises.
       Loosened and reorganized, you are ready for empowerment. This work modulates energy wave amplitude and frequency.  Access to a wider range of amplitudes and frequencies allows you to accelerate change in your body function and structure. This accelerated change may be employed as you see fit under your personal circumstances. Because the practice can introduce high energy charges into the system, you should not undertake it before the prior work of loosening and reorganizing. Doing so could cause organic damage. Your empowerment is realized through the Five Animals exercises.
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Winter, 2009