Are you ready to attain self mastery by using the powers already present in your own mind? First, understand that your mind, just as your body, is full of movement. When you master that movement you possess the keys to a healthy, integrated, self-confidant and powerful life.
       The most direct way for you to attain this mastery is through meditation. When you meditate your body actually changes on tissue, chemical and electrical levels. This gives you the power to make direct conscious changes in yourself. You can quickly and permanently replace old negative habits with new habits of your choice and move on to positive accomplishments in your life.
       Furthermore, understand that the people around you are constantly responding to your actions and behavior. Your actions and behavior begin in your mind. When you change the way your mind works, you change your actions. When you change your actions, you change the actions of those around you. Through meditation you have the power to indirectly change the world in which you live.
       Reach for the keys to self mastery now. Find training available in your area.
       You may also be interested in the free ongoing meditation workshops sponsored by the Taoist Community, a non-profit organization. These workshops are a unique and highly effective means of learning to apply Daoist principles to meditation, as well as to life, through the beautiful poetry contained in the original source of Daoism, the Dao De Jing. You can participate in person or via email. For more info about the Taoist Community's meditation workshop, call 650-219-4953.