Teaches classes in self defense.
   Based in Santa Barbara, CA
   Telephone: 415-225-2441
Ethan is an avid practitioner of martial/movement arts, with experience in several disciplines, including Wing Chun, Tae Kwan Do, and Choy Lay Fut, The majority of his training, however, has been with the Wu Wei School of Movement where he has studied self-defense, qigong, and meditation under the instruction of Steve Spano for over 17 years.
Ethan became a certified instructor through the Wu Wei School of Movement in 2006, and has since taught self-defense classes for PE credit to junior high and high school students in the San Francisco Unified School District, as well as small-group and private 1:1 classes to adult clients in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to his background in the movement arts, Ethan is a credentialed school teacher, providing 10+ years of classroom instruction in elementary, middle, and high school settings. He has also worked on an ambulance as a licensed Emergency Medical Technician.
Ethan’s various work experiences have inspired him to integrate his skill sets into a comprehensive mindfulness program that combines physical fitness, self-defense, movement/martial arts, and meditation. Through this program, students of all ages learn to increase their focus, self-discipline, and self-awareness - skills that are linked to greater academic achievement, healthier lifestyle habits, and increased pro-social interactions with peers.
In addition to martial arts and meditation, Ethan enjoys surfing, running, yoga, biking, and hiking. “Mindfulness training can be applied to any activity, and vice-versa. For example, surfing and running both contain meditative qualities; the practice of meditation/mindfulness definitely helps me to be a better surfer/runner, and at the same time the act of being mindful while surfing or running improves my meditation practice!” Ethan currently resides in Santa Barbara, California where he continues to offer courses in self-defense, meditation, and the movement arts, with an emphasis on mindfulness training and total body well-being.
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